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Vacations Are Necessary – No Matter What!

December 2, 2015 by  
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This past Thanksgiving weekend, I went to the city to celebrate with family and friends.  While I was there, I noticed how alarmingly unhappy people were.  No one smiled.  No one held doors open for others.  And you can forget any kind of personal interaction.  It was like everyone was trying to avoid everyone else.  It is the holiday season; a time when we are encouraged to focus on what we are thankful for and giving to others.  It made me stop and think, why is everyone so unhappy?  

People no longer take their vacation time.  Vacation time with the family and friends is what brings us together and allows us to rest and rejuvenate so we can more happily participate in our daily lives.  So why don’t we, as a country, vacation anymore?  We seem to be able to find any way to justify why we don’t (or better yet won’t) take a vacation.  The list of excuses is endless, from I cannot afford it or I don’t want to lose ground at the office to I’ll take one next year.  Studies have proved that vacations will actually improve all areas of your life.  Your stress will go down, which will make you more productive both at home and the office.  As Rachel Le Feuvre mostly brilliantly summarizes: “Giving yourself some time away from your job means your practicing self-care, leading you toward greater happiness, health and prosperity in the workplace and beyond.”

Consider how different your life could be if you start to focus a little more on self-care, self-preservation and enjoying everyday life.  Start researching that vacation destination that you always wanted to visit and begin making plans today.  You’ll be better off because of it in the long run.


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